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Getting to know your asthma medicine

Asthma is one of the illnesses that more people have in the world than ever, and this means that it is vital that everybody takes the time to understand what it is, how it can be treated, and the things that you can do to prevent it. Medication is one of the main types of asthma medicine that you could expect to be given, and there are two main typ...

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How to improve asthma

When you are one of the millions of people worldwide who suffers from asthma, you may find that you need to think about the ways that you could improve the ways that you can breathe. This is something that would be very helpful, as you could prevent having a full blown asthma attack which would be very unpleasant.
The first thing that you...

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Can asthma be affected by altitude?

If you are one of the many people who have asthma, and you happen to enjoy things that require you to be high up, then you might be wondering about how altitude could affect your asthma.
The bad news is that you are almost certainly more likely to get altitude sickness if you are an asthma sufferer than you would be if you did not have th...

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Why is asthma more common?

It has been found in recent years that asthma is more common than it has ever been in the past, and there are a number of reasons that people believe this to be the case. One of the main reasons sounds a little odd, because there are a number of people who believe that asthma is more common because of the fact that medicine is better. In the past,...

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How to help prevent asthma

If you have been diagnosed with asthma, then you will no doubt know that it is one of the diseases for which there is currently no cure. With this in mind, the majority of people who have it feel as though they will have to remain on medication for the rest of their life, however this might not be the case.
It has been found that lifestyl...

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