HOW TO STRENGHTEN YOUR JOINTS is a delicate topic due to the high rate of people suffering from joints pain nowadays. And before we go deep inside the topic we need to know what is the meaning of a joint. A joint is the connection that is between the and the body which links the skeletal system into a whole part, they are constructed to allow different types of movements, flexibility and agility.

Is bad to listen and see but even if you are the strongest person in the world the older you get the wicker your joints become, and most people do not take care of the problems that is why diseases like Osteoarthritis, Osteomyelitis and Polymyalgia rheumatic occur. But don’t`t be scared there are so many ways nowadays to help all these problems, and one of them is with our product (JOINT ADVANCE ) the product that is booming right now and even athletes are taking advantage of it, and you can be the next person that will be proud to have purchased the product by just clinking the link it the brackets above.

The other ways are also by :

  1. Exercising Regularly
  2. Building Muscle Strength
  3. Strengthening Your Core
  4. Stretching After Your Workouts
  5. Losing Extra Weight


Doing exercise on a regular basis improves your bone’s health, increases the bone’s density and strengthens the muscles around your joints, there are so many exercises that can be done for this and some of them are:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Jumping

All this exercise done on a regular basis not compulsory for a long time but on a regular basis are crucial for joints strengthening.


Building muscle strength all over your body is fundamental but for joints strengthening your legs muscles are the ones that are mainly needed to be strengthened, exercises which can help are:

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Free Weights

You can start by doing 4 sets of 10 repetitions for all the exercises 2-3 times a week, and if you keep the consistency you will be seeing big changes.


Strengthening your core will not help your coordination massively but it’s a boost even to your joints, many times joints pain are the curse of weakness in other places in our body and the core is one of them. Some exercises that will help are:

  • Push Ups
  • Curl Ups
  • Side Plank
  • Normal Plank

This are 4 massive core exercises that can be done anywhere even in your kitchen while cooking or before going to bed just 4 sets of 10 repetitions 2-3 times a week.



People tend to forget one of the most important thing to do after exercise and it’s called ( STRETCHING ). This is one of the big reason why people feel so sore and heavy after exercise, but stretching does not only increase then chances of having strong joints but it even helps to reduce injuries and helps you relax and get ready for the next exercise period that’s why gym instructors recommend to their clients that they should stretch after exercise, and the nice thing is that stretching does not take any effort, you can stretch any part of your body for 3-5 times and holding it for about 30-60 seconds.




There is not much to say about this, I mean the topic says it all, but yes losing weight is also one of the main factors because having extra weight will require your joints to work harder exposing them to different types of diseases and overtime they can even get worse, but regarding weight lose there are infinite amounts of exercises from easy to hard so there is no excuse for you to read this to have weak joints even now that we have the best joints strengthening products like ( JOINT ADVANCE ) the best reviewed joints strengthening product by athletes and doctors so go now and get yours from clicking the link in the brackets above and never look back!.